Project And Vendor Management Tracking

Project And Vendor Management Tracking

Our client, a small business start-up company, utilized a business model where independent contractors provided services on a project basis. The contractors work on short term projects that build the company's product. The current commercial software products available on the market exceeded cost allowances. This business model created a need to track hundreds of projects with thousands of contractors where all contractors had multiple Statements of Work (SOWs) and many invoices. Tracking this manually was not an option.


Using Google Workspace, build a tool to manage projects and vendors. The tool must align with the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Body of Knowledge including cost, schedule, quality, risk, procurement, and resource management. Vendor management features must have high confidence with minimal error.


Using an iterative approach, KilPen built a solution based within Google Workspace that used Sites, Sheets, Forms, Docs, and various APIs. Processes diagrams were built out for each business activity with supporting Google Workplace automation. Various dashboards were created providing insight into project work, including an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), risk register, stakeholder register, and a deliverables tracker. A centralized Master File housed all financial information related to project cost accounting, including the ability to forecast Accounts Payable.


Iterative over 3 years