Motor Pool Vehicle Maintenance System

Motor Pool Vehicle Maintenance System

Our client operates in a tight margin industry where budget wasn't available to purchase a commercial vehicle maintenance tracking tool. With growth in their business, tracking vehicle maintenance and licensing requirements became more and more difficult. A centralized tool was needed to help retrieve service and mileage reports from technicians and drivers. Also, email reminders were requested to ensure services and licensing renewal was performed timely.


Using Google Sheets, Forms, and Gmail, build upon an existing Fleet Manager sheet and Google forms to upgrade code and eliminate existing errors. Develop new reminders to help managers keep the business on track.


After review of existing code, a decision was made to completely rewrite existing code. A data model was built so that an object-oriented approach could be used. The new code was developed to allow for scaling and maturation of the product over time. Upon completion, the client continued to use the existing Fleet Manager tools, but with high assurance that the back-end code will keep the values updated properly and service reminders are sent reliably.


One month