Gate Review Risk Management System

Gate Review Risk Management System

Our client expressed concerns about poor product quality exiting their product development workflows. Due to the nature of their business model, many contributors play a role in development and the quality of their contributions vary.


Using Google Workspace, develop a process and supporting tool to enable a quality check of each contributor early in the development cycle with the goal of reducing the risk of errors and rework later in the cycle. Industry best practices related to risk identification and risk treatment should be used.


A gate review concept was used where a quality team reviewed a small sample of each contributor's work within 10 days of contracting. The quality team, in coordination with a project manager, evaluated the product and decided risk treatment options: mitigate, avoid, transfer, or accept. For efficiency, automation was used within Google Sheets, Gmail, and Google Forms to track when gate reviews are due, notify by email when action is needed, and submit results by form when a review is complete.


Five weeks